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Mix & Mingle Close-up Magic


Mix & Mingle Close up magic is ideal at a drinks reception. As your guests arrive Paul and Colin will be there to mix & mingle with your guests and introduce themselves as your magician and then amaze everyone using cards, coins, finger rings, borrowed objects, etc. 


Table Hopping Close-up Magic


This style of magic is ideal before, after, or during Dinner, as they both move from table to table presenting magic that involves everyone. The magic happens right before your eyes and right under your nose, this really is the ideal way of entertaining your guests as the laughter and applause at each table spreads throughout the room to create and set the atmosphere for the evening. 


Trade Show Corporate Close-up Magic


To successfully exhibit at a trade show, you need to attract the maximum number of visitors to your stand and hold their attention while your company’s message is delivered. As magical entertainers, Paul and Colin will assist in getting your message over in a very magical way, and generating more sales leads for your product or service.


Parlour Close-up Magic show


This is slightly different from the other type of close up magic kind of role reversal, instead of Paul and Colin going to your guest's tables or mix and mingle the guest come to them in small groups of 20 to 30 people and gather around a table to witness amazing magic so close-up they would think it was camera trickery if they weren't present right there and then.


This type of magic is ideal for parties, meeting days, and small company get-togethers.


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